• Durable, gas tight and stronger than steel
  • Brass and the power of innovation, that is reinventing brass
  • Solutions to keep your design, your design
  • Our flexibility is your gain
  • Warm pressing, quicker and more cost-efficient

What we do

Technology Leader

Wetering is the specialist in designing, warm pressing and machining large and small series of complex products made from non-ferro alloys. Wetering not only distinguishes itself by producing the products itself, but also by actively helping you create solutions in copper, brass and aluminium. We use copper alloys in situations where most people would not think of using it. Thanks to our many years of experience of making warm-pressed and cast components, we are able to help our customers come up with innovative solutions.

Our well-equipped engineering department develops, in close cooperation with our production department, the first prototypes of the product and then a pre-production series by means of Rapid Tooling Prototyping. We offer a full service from development to surface treatment and assembly, so that the product is ready for use. Our Rapid Manufacturing Service is the fastest of Europe! You can go from concept through design, engineering and first samples to series production within 4 weeks.We are, therefore, proud to say: “We are a full technology leader”.

Do you want to go rapidly fast to prototype or series production while maintaining excellent quality? Then meet our Rapid Manufacturing Service! Do you have any questions? Please contact us:

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