• Durable, gas tight and stronger than steel
  • Brass and the power of innovation, that is reinventing brass
  • Solutions to keep your design, your design
  • Our flexibility is your gain
  • Warm pressing, quicker and more cost-efficient


Go for quality! The aluminium products of Wetering

Hot pressing is the ideal method to rapidly fast produce a high quality small to middle large series of aluminium alloy. The porosity of aluminium, copper and brass is extremely low with hot pressing. As manufacturer of aluminium products Wetering works for amongst others the Automotive industry. The often extremely high demands that are required in this industry are effortlessly met by Wetering. Because of our excellent knowledge of materials and expertise we always find a solution. We quickly and meticulously make a translation from design to series production, in which we make no concessions to your design. We advise you here regarding the proper aluminium alloy to achieve your objective. Even a simple aluminium product can be produced by the Rapid Manufacturing Service of Wetering as fastest supplier of Europe.

Products of an aluminium alloy, like aluminium casting, have an excellent quality/price ratio. Have you not yet considered a solution in an aluminium alloy or do you believe aluminium production is not possible? Challenge us! As Technology Leader the experts of Wetering would love to dive right on top of your problem to prove you otherwise!

Advantages of aluminium products:

  • Stronger than steel! Wetering always knows how to find a brass, copper or aluminium alloy for your application. Combined with the right aluminium mesh the aluminium end product will withstand all of the strongest demands.
  • Aluminium has a long lifespan, retains its shape and does not react to outside influences.
  • Because of the light weight an aluminium product is often preferred to products in other alloys. An aluminium alloy is compiled on the basis of your objective and desires.

Wetering supplies high quality products as aluminium product manufacturer.

Collaborating with Wetering provides you amongst other things with the following:

  • fastest delivery of Europe
  • excellent material knowledge
  • optimal logistics
  • meticulous and fast from design to series product

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