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Rapid Manufacturing Service

Unique in Europe! The Rapid Manufacturing Service of Wetering

The Rapid Manufacturing Service of Wetering is the fastest method in Europe to easily arrive from design to series production. Thanks to this Rapid Manufacturing Service you can significantly shorten your time-to-market! High quality complex end products can be realised rapidly fast, but also with non-complex end products you profit from the quality and speed of our Rapid Manufacturing Service. Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing are part of this process.

Wetering offers you complete support and guaranteed results in the following phases of the Rapid Manufacturing Service:

  • Concept
  • Design and engineering
  • First samples
  • Series production
  • Optimal logistics and fastest delivery of Europe!

More is possible in brass and aluminium products than you think! We would love to add our expertise to yours. The concept that is developed within the Rapid Manufacturing Service, can quickly be followed by realisation, such as a rapid prototype or rapid manufacturing.

Design and engineering:
The engineers of Wetering make a quick and meticulous translation from concept to series production. We see no technical limitations and always find a solution. Because of our outstanding material knowledge we can accurately follow your concept or design.

First samples:
To just simulate copper, brass and aluminium products with Rapid Prototyping is not enough for us. The prototype manufacturing can be followed by series production in hot pressing within 1 to several weeks. This method of working delivers better results than with 3d metal printing, since the porosity of aluminium, copper and brass is extremely low with hot pressing. The final result and the quality of hot pressing is not comparable with Rapid Prototyping metal, because you have precisely the product in your hands with which you wish to execute all tests that you really want to!

Series production:
A small print run in aluminium, copper or brass will provide you with an enormous time saving! With the Rapid Manufacturing Service of Wetering you can make your first photograph through the use of 3d printing, but also right on to an aluminium product or an end product in brass!

Optimal logistics and fastest delivery of Europe:
We effortlessly adjust our fastest delivery to your optimal logistics. To make sure that your core business gets all the attention it deserves.

Collaborating with Wetering provides you amongst other things with the following:

  • fastest delivery of Europe
  • excellent material knowledge
  • optimal logistics
  • meticulous and fast from design to series product

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