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Gas tight brass fastening for Vialle

Fewer emissions of particulate matter using a brass solution

Vialle Mr Atsma, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, reacted enthusiastically to Vialle’s demonstration of the first LPG Euro-66 direct injection vehicle. This innovation not only reduces CO2 emissions by more than 10%, but also the emission of particulate matter by more than 99%, to an almost negligible level. Wetering’s gas tight brass solution made an important contribution to this breakthrough. Wetering realized the industrialization of the Fuel Selector Unit (FSU), the most important part of the LPdi system, for Vialle. | Mr Atsma was very pleased with the fact that Vialle and Wetering are good examples of companies which are continuously looking for innovative solutions to the problem of particulate matter. “Vialle and Wetering codeveloped a product which reduces the amount of particulate matter in inner city areas”.

Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems is specialized in the development, production and distribution of environmentally-friendly gaseous fuel systems, including unique, patented liquid LPG systems for cars. Vialle’s technology and systems are used throughout the world by both car manufacturers and the after-market sector.

Wetering is specialized in brass solutions. Director Jeroen Rondeel is pleased that Vialle was open to a non-ferrous solution: “We sometimes see that companies do not immediately consider brass, because they do not always know of the possibilities which the material has to offer. Luckily, Vialle was quickly convinced of the quality of brass’s gas tightness properties and its strength. Furthermore, we are used to having to deal with the strict quality requirements that are applicable in the automotive industry.”

Various leading car manufacturers are making increasing use of energy-efficient direct injection engines. These manufacturers include VW, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai and Kia. LPdi reduces emissions, so that expensive and complex alterations to these engines are no longer necessary and a soot filter is, therefore, no longer needed. More information is available at: www.vialle.nl and www.ministerievaninfrastructuurenmilieu.nl

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