• Durable, gas tight and stronger than steel
  • Brass and the power of innovation, that is reinventing brass
  • Solutions to keep your design, your design
  • Our flexibility is your gain
  • Warm pressing, quicker and more cost-efficient


Service is our middle name

Wetering creates innovative solutions in non-ferro metal like in Copper, Brass and Aluminium. We ensure that our knowledge and experience and that of the customer merge to form a unique creation, with the customer’s wishes at the centre of our attention. It is second nature to us to focus on providing the best service possible.

We use our knowledge of material properties and critically look for the most efficient production method. Not only the most efficient method within Wetering’s operational process, but more importantly, the most efficient method for the customer’s process. Total cost of ownership is one of the methods that we employ.

Apart from carefully considering the production process, we also actively contribute ideas for achieving the optimal logistic process for our customers. Just-in-time, Kanban and Two-bin are all systems which Wetering works with and can apply if the customer so desires. We are pleased to meet customer-specific requirements, such as making the products installation-ready by assembling the product or giving it a surface treatment, using special packaging or, for example, labelling or coding the product. This flexible attitude creates a profit for our customers. Try us!

Wetering’s Rapid Manufacturing Service:
Do you want to gain an edge on your competition? Do you want a high quality prototype, first sample or go rapidly fast to series production while maintaining excellent quality? Then meet our Rapid Manufacturing Service! Or e-mail us:

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